About Us

ExperChat was born out of a simple idea, but with far reaching impact; create a community of hand-picked, highly experienced Experts to help teach, guide and mentor people anywhere in the world. Our mission is to help people get the right personalized advice to achieve their goals, elevate their confidence and be successful.

We are delivering on this idea with the introduction of ExperChat for Beauty and Fashion. With this introduction, you will be able to have personalized video chat appointments with the most amazing stylists and artists, at an affordable price and without ever leaving your home.

As the world continues to evolve how we shop, connect, and learn, we will be building ExperChat to be an important part of that evolution. We guarantee it!

From left to right: Avi Hoffer: Co-founder & CEO; Nilanjan Sengupta: Co-founder & CTO; Lauren Jarrett: Marketing Manager; Jami Blanks: Creative Lead; Patrick Batu: Marketing Director; Johannah Miller: Marketing Manager