ExperChat Explains: What is Street Style for Men and Women?

  • July 5, 2017
  • ExperChat Staff

Embracing the Evolution with Street Style

One of the best things about fashion is that it’s always evolving and forever changing. Street style is one of the best examples that articulates the actual evolution. Generally, street style is associated with youth culture and the mainstream fashion trends with those that influence it—hence the name, street style or also referred to as street fashion. While this type of fashion is considered to be more grassroots grown, it’s very impressive how each area has developed its own niche fashions. What looks trendy in NYC isn’t necessarily trending in Miami. 
Roxanne Carne, Personal Stylist and Business Owner believes that street style gives people the opportunity to pair otherwise unexpected looks that represent an individual’s personality. “You can mix colors, patterns, textures, seasons, and styles—there’s no right or wrong way to do it,” said Carne. “Rocking street looks can be something that you put extra effort into or not—really, anything goes.” Individuals have the opportunity to invest a lot of time into their look or perhaps take more of a minimalist approach.

Coast to Coast Variety

Street Style differs greatly from state-to-state and coast-to-coast. If you’ve ever lived in different geographic areas of the United States, you may have noticed the variety of fashion selections out there. Carne believes that the street fashion varies so heavily because of the weather.

“In Los Angeles, you tend to see more free-flowing, bohemian, airy pieces because of the milder temperatures. But you also see more layering and transition looks because of the difference in temperature from day to night. Overall, street style on the West Coast is very relaxed, cool, and casual,” said Carne. “New York City is the fashion capital of the world, as such, street style is naturally more captivating and edgy. It’s graphic with sharper edges and bold looks. In NYC, you’ll see dressier, sophisticated looks from high-end designers. When it’s cooler in New York, you’ll also see heavier layers compared to Los Angeles.”

Since NYC has the reputation of being highly fashionable, this explains why NY Fashion Week and other style events are so popular in the Big Apple. 

source: http://roxannecarne.com/style-archetype-street/

Morgan Canclini is the owner of twolpr, a publicity company that represents talent in all facets of entertainment, and she has observed many different types of street style. Canclini has been a Nashville resident for almost a decade and has witnessed it become a very ‘hot’ and upcoming city. “Having traveled throughout the country and seen what other cities are wearing. I can say with confidence that the street style of Nashville is a mix of Southern preppy, hipster, and laid-back casual. You will still find traditional Southern men in their Ray-bans, polo shirts and visors and women donning pearls, big hair, and Tori Burch dresses,” said Canclini. “You will simultaneously see women with no makeup, unkempt wavy hair, and Coachella gear. And then there are a good number of women sporting their Lululemons and latest Nike sneaks along with their runner tans.”
When Morgan isn’t advising her celebrity clientele, she said that she is most comfortable in laid-back style of workout gear—commonly known as athleisure. “I consistently see the cutest leggings and the trendiest workout shoes around town. Since it is such a comfy, attractive look, I personally choose athleisure myself on most days. I am also a huge fan of the messy top-knot bun that typically accompanies this style,” said Canclini. But fear not, the stereotypical cowboy boots have a strong presence in the Nashville street style—and I don’t think that’s ever going to go away—at least, as long as it’s up to the tourists. “A lot of people new to town wear boots year-round, especially knee-high cowboy boots. It’s an easy way to spot a tourist or recent transplant because, for the most part, locals don’t wear them,” said Canclini. 
All areas have generally changed and evolved new fashionable elements, but this is true more so than others. “I’ve seen the biggest transition in street style in the Washington D.C. area. DC is ‘waking up’ to the fashion scene and there are a couple of key reasons for this. One is that the population is very transient and there is a constant flux of new people moving into the metro area,” said Carne. “Along with this comes new ideas and new trends when it comes to fashion. Also, in DC there’s an increase in new startup businesses that are led by millennials. Along with fresh, cutting-edge business ideas, they’re also bringing a younger, refreshed sense of style that’s definitely interesting and fun.” Carne’s point is very true and is reinforced when you think about the general evolution of business casual. Ten years ago, business casual would have never involved jeans and a nice blouse. Millennials seem to prioritize comfort in all facets of their life—whether that is at work or at home.

Make it Your Own

Fashion trends come and go; from baggy pants that reflect the Nirvana grunge and hip-hop style to the now popular skinny jeans. Because it is ever-evolving, you never really know what’s coming next! Keep your eyes peeled for the next big thing in your city and make it your own. Have a look you love? #ExperChat and show us what you’ve got! 

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