No Frills Free Radicals: How to Win the Anti-Aging Battle

  • August 30, 2017
  • ExperChat Staff

Free radicals cause the breakdown of the cells and proteins, which results in accelerating the natural process of aging. They are formed when the atoms that make up our bodies are triggered by another substance or activity. Practically anything around us (i.e. pollution, alcohol, poor diet, even oxygen) can cause this free radical activity, but sun exposure and smoking are particularly damaging and can cause cancer. Therefore, when looking for anti-aging tactics, a battle against free radicals is key.

How Do I Combat Free Radials?

Developing an effective skincare routine, for one, will promote the health and maintenance of skin. Expert Tamara Townsend recommends,

“…. for every skin type, a twice daily regimen of cleanse, tone, serum (for any concerns), moisturizer (one with SPF in the morning), exfoliate (2-3 times week) & mask (twice a week).”

When thinking about these beneficial products, any go-to anti-aging routine will have two superhero products in its midst. These are two that can prevent and reverse some signs of aging. They are a Vitamin C serum in the morning and a Retinol serum at night. 

Keep Your Skin Type in Mind

Always select products that suit your skin type, or you may cause other issues (irritation, milia etc.). Oily skin types will benefit more from gels, lotions, or even liquid moisturizers, while dry skin can gravitate more toward thicker more emollient products. Combination skin can mix and match depending on needs.

Don’t Forget the SPF!

Products as a part of a skincare routine are amazing, but none are as essential as sunscreen! Sunscreen is your first line of defense against aging. It protects you from developing wrinkles, loss of firmness, and uneven texture. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 should be applied EVERY single day of the year. Even in winter. Yes, even on cloudy & rainy days. 

Mineral sunscreens are preferred since they act like a mirror reflecting the sun’s dangerous rays. Sunscreens will protect skin from free radicals and help your products work more efficiently (products like retinol or vitamin C are more stable when paired with sunscreen). It’s never too late to start applying sunscreen and there are formulas out there for every skin type.

Put Out the Cigarette

Finally, one of the worst things to do if you’re trying to prevent aging is to smoke. Smoking decreases blood flow, drives out oxygen, and drains the skin of nutrients (like vitamin C).

“To prevent aging, it’s as much what you put in your body as it is what you apply to our skin. Our skin is our largest organ and we must take care of it. Binge drinking and smoking or repeated trips to the tanning salon and eating a poor diet will create free radicals and damage to the skin. Prevention starts with basic health,” Expert Cali Van Aelst adds. The result is damaged, dry, and discolored skin. So please avoid smoking. 

Products to Try:

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