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ExperChat guarantees a quality, professional video chat experience. You can expect quality advice and answers at an affordable price. But first things first: You must download the ExperChat app, coming Summer 2017 for iOS and Android.

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What You Get

We’ve made it easy to get personalized style and beauty advice with Experts over video chat through our mobile app.

Get 1-on-1 advice from our Experts<br>to achieve the look you desire

Personalized Advice

Get 1-on-1 advice from our Experts
to achieve the look you desire

A real conversation with experienced<br>style and beauty professionals

Video Chat

A real conversation with experienced
style and beauty professionals

Complimentary 5-minute<br>intros with the Experts


Complimentary 5-minute
intros with the Experts

Video chats start at a low<br>$30 for 20 minutes

Affordable Rates

Video chats start at a low
$30 for 20 minutes

24/7 access to techniques<br>trends & tutorials

knowledge base

24/7 access to techniques
trends & tutorials

Your appointment is private and<br>your information is never shared

Safe, Secure & Private

Your appointment is private and
your information is never shared